Master Sword, I remember the first time I held you in my pixelated hands. It was A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo. Years later I would wield you again, and thanks to your odd time-traveling ability I would pass through virtual puberty relatively quickly. No one can say how many foes we vanquished together -- we didn't have achievements tracking our every move back then -- but there is no doubt you left your mark on the world.

Link's Master Sword has to be one of my favorite video game bladed weapons. It is simple in design but the amount of time I've invested into the series has seeded a deep fondness in me. Beyond my love of swords and all things stabby I also enjoy seeing how things are made. I enjoy it so much that I used to disassemble my Transformers as a child to understand what exactly it took to get all the parts into the right positions -- though my parents didn't appreciate that.

From the Awe channel on Youtube we have Man at Arms -- sorry he's no master of the universe.  Rather he is a master blacksmith who builds a lot of movie props. On this channel they take suggestions and the most popular he recreates -- from Cloud's unwieldy Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII to Sora's Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts series.

In the video below he tackles the Master Sword from the Zelda series. Now if I could only add that to my collection.




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[fraggadier] @ 5:17:48 PM Aug 25, 2013
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That is incredible. I want a fully functional master sword!

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