UPDATE: The event is over for tonight, I hope everyone enjoyed watching! We've got more No Man's Sky info to share with you later we promise.

Tonight thousands gather in Las Vegas for a unique sort of event.  Sony is celebrating the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, by hosting a two day party of sorts, an improptu gaming convention if you will.  But tonight all eyes will be on Hello Games as they present "A Night Under No Man's Sky." They've asked us not to spoil what's going down, but did want us to share this with our readers: it will be wonderful, it will be beautiful, and it will be streamed right here on Game Geex.  

No Man's Sky looks to me one of the best games coming out in the current launch cycle, and I personally can't wait to play it.  With such stunning visuals and music, I can't imagine what sort of amazing spectacle the game company has in story for those in Vegas tonight.  Luckily I don't have to, because I'm going to be watching along with the rest of you.

The livestream is embedded below, as is a video featuring Hello Games' own Sean Murray talking about what we will get to see when the event starts at 9PM PST.  If you get a chance to watch it, let us know what you think in the comments.

Watch live video from PlayStation on

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[Mandifesto] @ 9:29:19 PM Dec 6, 2014
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The band playing is called 65daysofstatic

[Mandifesto] @ 9:33:19 PM Dec 6, 2014
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Man, they must have procedurally generated guitars off stage.  #NoMansGuitar

[Mandifesto] @ 9:43:13 PM Dec 6, 2014
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Half Cave 3 Confirmed!

[Mandifesto] @ 9:47:02 PM Dec 6, 2014
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Beautifully music for a beautiful game.

[Mandifesto] @ 5:47:02 AM Dec 6, 2014
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Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Play us out boys!

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