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Not entirely sure if this goes on the list of April Fool's Day jokes or not but Riot Games has released a fun 2D arcade game featuring a homage to everyone's favorite lit.. err huge monster, Chogath. The game is fittingly titled Chogath Eats the World and features a simple set of controls: "WASD" for movement and "JK" for attack (no pun intended?).

All I can say is it's fun, and i'm still playing. Also, as a fact of the day, eating rainbows turn you into Teemo. Makes perfect sense. Still, i'd advise you to check out the game for yourself! Now, I need some thearpy otherwise i'll be to addicted to go off and seek other AFD jokes.

Chogath Eats The World has released for Adobe Flash... earlier today and will be available for the remainder of the day.

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