League of Legends is commonly seen as "just another MOBA." However, the range of depth and story behind the onslaught of champions and minions alike is over-looked by many. Each character has it's own unique lore and in the grand scheme of things, you could probablly fit multiple RPG titles in LoL's expanded universe. Riot Games has finally given us a taste of this greater outside world by revamping the Howling Abyss to represent Freljord, the wore-torn icy tundra.

The new All-Random-All-Mid map is really well-done visually but why stop there? Riot went above and beyond to immerse players in their world so they needed good music to go with their theme. This video was released recently and shows us the making of the piece behind the conflict of the three sister tribes and boy does it give me goosebumps. Hopefully, we'll see mroe from Riot's vision here soon.

Just another MOBA? I think not. Check out the video below and tell us what you think of Freljord.

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