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Project Fiona was announced last year at CES 2012 and got the "Best of Show award" which is quite typical of Razer. But unlike Project Concept: Switchblade, Fiona itself becomes a reality in the form of the Razer Edge Pro, an extremely powerful gaming tablet that could give some decent gaming laptops and maybe even a few desktops a run for their money. Of course, I say that with some, not a whole lot, of disdain since The Edge comes at the hefty price of $1300. But if you want the bleeding edge, well it's here.

Razer designs all of their products around gaming and the Edge is no different. From the ground up, this monster of a tablet was designed for the gamer's needs and it darn better because when considering a tablet, i'm sure gaming is a good option to have but not the priority in most people's mind. But regardless, this thing is pretty freakin' sweet. It's pretty much a powerful 10-inch laptop since it utilizes a dual-core, hyper-threaded i7, DDR3 memory, a dedicated mobile Nvidia GPU, and an SSD. Also, when I say laptop, I really do mean laptop because you know what, it's pretty much one that just happens to be a tablet, rather than the other way around. When it comes to games, Microsoft licensing Windows 8 on these bad boys means playing the real deal, like Dishonored and Rift -- stuff like that.

The only issue one might consider is the price factor. $1299.99 is a lot of money but when Razer made mention of this product, they turned to the fans who in-turn wanted "the best" and posted their willingness to dish out around $1200 for a top tier tablet. Razer has always been pretty expensive but is that crossing the line? Well, perhaps, but notice that the initial release of Edge is the "pro" version which, at this time, is the best you can get by a mile. But down the line, I can see minor price drops as well as a standard version that utilizes an i5 intel CPU rather than a high-end i7 one and perhaps a slighly smaller SSD. That should reduce the cost to just under $1000, but barely.

Still, I like the whole concept of the Edge tablet. I thought the Surface keyboard was cool but that kind of just got stomped by this. It may be expensive but quite honestly, until I see another tablet or heck even an ultrabook at a competitive price, this is technically worth the money, or at least my money I don't know about you.

All we know is the Surface tablet is going to release fairly soon since their website already has a listing. The "pro" model will be around the $1299 to $1499 mark while a base model will be under $999. So if you guys have the extra money would you pick this up? Comment below!


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