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With the holidays fast approaching, there’s one more important thing to do before the year closes out; waste your money buying gifts. Capitalism, ho!

Fortunately, GameGeex is here to help make sure you get the right gift for the right kind of gamer. Whether it’s awesome tech, or some fan oriented paraphernalia, there’s something out there for everyone that enjoys video games. Hit the jump to see a few ideas that you could use for your own gift-giving purposes (or simply to see what items you should add to your wishlist).


Book of Cain

Published by Insight Editions

Diablo III is looking to be insanely good, maybe even god-like. Even though you will be busy smashing zombies, demons, and other horrors of the netherworld, you’ll want to brush up on the expansive lore. The Book of Cain is an art/history book, written in character by Deckard Cain, and done up to look like an actual tome that would exist in the world of Diablo. A great gift for any fan of the franchise, you can pre-order this item on Amazon right now, and it’ll get to you just in time for Christmas.


StarCraft II Razer Spectre Mouse, Marauder Keyboard and Banshee Headset

If there is one thing that the GameGeex crew learned while we were at Blizzcon, it’s that competitive Starcraft is damn fun to watch. It even made us want to try to play the game more. So, Blizzard being the brilliant bastards that they are, have licensed a line of tournament ready PC gear for Starcraft players. All of these items are sleek and well designed, and the headphones even have a sweet feature where the glowing lights change color based on how much brain activity you’re exhibiting. If you have a pro Starcraft player, or a friend who is big on RTS games, then this kind of gear should be able to satisfy him.


BoomChair – Stingray Gaming Chair


Ever had a friend that has a pretty swagger gaming set up in his bedroom, but all he has to sit in is some dinky old computer chair? A gaming chair is just the thing for those kinds of situations. Not only do they provide you a place to set your butt in, they have special speakers installed that will allow for true stereo sound. Models like the BoomChair are also perfect for movie watching, and chilling to music from your iPod while you study.


Gaming Laptops

Being able to game on the go is a big ability to have, and sometimes your DS or PSP doesn’t quite have the games that will satiate you. A full blown gaming laptop can be utilized to solve this problem, allowing you to play Battlefield or Street Fighter, whether you’re on a redeye flight across country, or sitting in the campus library between classes. Just be ready to spend a little extra cash, as some of the higher end models can be pretty pricey.


Farmville Plush Toys

Whether you want to call Farmville an actual video game or not is up to you, however, there's no denying that it's stupidly popular. So, why not get something for that farming fanatic like a Farmville plushie? For a simple ten bucks, you can get one of these squishable things for your loved one, or use it as a gag gift for that guy that hates Facebook games with a passion. It's a gift for any occasion! They're also running a deal where you can get it for a measly 99 cents (if you get a $25 Zynga game card with it, that is).


Gift Cards

Of course the easiest method of getting a gift for someone is to simply tell them to get it themselves. All joking aside, gift cards are the answer to most every holiday shopping queries, as it allows the receiver to decide for themselves what to do with it, whether it’s getting a new game, or some of the stuff mentioned on this very list. Best of all, they’re easy to find. Just hop into almost any department store and you’ll find a rack chock full of cards.

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"Ever had a friend that has a pretty swagger gaming set up in his bedroom, but all he has to sit in is some dinky old computer chair?"


LOOOOLLLL... Sorry that one makes me laugh. Because it's true for a number of people I know, heck even me ^^.

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