Microsoft is rolling out a free update to all Xbox Live users on December 6, in an attempt to make life a bit easier for everyone. It also introduces a new perk to support all those people that got a Kinect system in their room and want to use it for more than just playing Kinectimals.

The update will be replacing the current Xbox dashboard with a redesigned one, built from the ground up. Along with a very white and very bland background (which hopefully still supports wallpapers), it will also add on voice and gesture support for Kinect users, allowing them to roll through the dashboard menus effortlessly.

Microsoft will also be adding some new content to the dashboard in general, in a process that is planned to continue on through 2012. Applications for movies, television, music, and more will be added in courtesy of providers in more than 20 countries. The update will also introduce Cloud Storage for Xbox Live profiles and game saves, and Facebook sharing.

Of course, all of this comes at a time when my 360 is currently comatose. Just f*cking perfect.

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I am uber-eager for this update. I think the screen shots I've seen thus far have been clean and slick, and any excuse to yell at my XBox some more is always welcome.

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Now you have to change the language setting to Chinese so the Xbox yelling can get even weirder :D.

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