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Yesterday I received a rather bland image in my inbox proclaiming that Microsoft is finally ready to reveal the next Xbox console.  Granted, the announcement won't happen for another 26 days, since the live reveal will happen on May 21st at 10:00 AM.  Mark up your calendars friends, because it's going to be a day worth remembering -- or at least I hope so.

Considering how lackluster the PS4 reveal was (they didn't even bother to show the console they were "revealing")  Let's hope this presentation doesn't start with a systems engineer running down a set of dry specs.  Microsoft does know how to put on a show, so I have high hopes that at least this presentation will be entertaining.  Who knows, maybe they'll even show the new Xbox at the new Xbox reveal presentation.  How novel.

The presentation will stream live from and Xbox Live.  As someone who attempted to watch the PS4 reveal on PlayStation Home (yeah, I'm a dreamer) I can only hope that the XBLA stream goes off without a hitch.  Either way, we'll have the rundown on the new Xbox as soon as we can peel our eyeballs from the livestream. 


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"So we're going to do something revolutionary and unexpected... and actually show you the console."

PR goes crazy, crowd gasps, Sony goes "Why didn't we think of that!?"

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