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I'm dog sick today, thanks to some horrible person in the press section at BlizzCon, so it was a huge effort to drag myself off the couch when the doorbell rang this afternoon.  I'm glad I did though, because the FedEx guy was there with our copies of Lord of the Ring: War in the North.  I would have done a happy dance of joy if I had the energy, but I instead had to celebrate with a triumphant return to the couch to share the news with you all.

Now that we are just a few ways away from the games launch on Tuesday, Snowblind Studios and Warner Bros. have sent out the launch trailer.  So while I sit here in my press-induced fever, I can at least have something to watch while I install the game and save up my energy to review it.  Also, to the dude in the press section who came to the event sick, I hate you.




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