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Rejoice! For Gearbox has released their official trailer for Borderlands 2, the sequel to the popular FPS/RPG hybrid, Borderlands, released back in 2010.

The Gearbox game seems to hold true to the style of the original title, along with its randomly generated weapons, four separate classes, and RPG style leveling and quests.

With the steady release of info on the game, it’s clear that they know what the fans most enjoyed about the original… Guns. From what we’ve been given in the trailer, we can see that they’ve put a lot more effort into unique models and types, as well as a lot of interesting varieties, and more thought-out and original designs. This particular aspect of the sequel excites me, as in the original, I always felt that I would only ever use the gun that had the highest power. In the sequel however, it looks as if the guns will overlap less and who knows, they might even get rid of the weak guns that were never used.

I loved the original Borderlands and so far the new features look awesome, particularly the new vehicles and improved skill tree. The old vehicles were a large gripe for me since it became such a chore to travel. I just think (and hope!) that they're simply making the game how it should have been, without the lengthy commutes, bland skill system, and absence of proper melee combat.

From what we can tell, it could be that the story will not be as big a priority in the sequel, as anything relating to it was simply overshadowed by the dubstep, dancing claptrap, and in-your-face text.

Yes, this will be a game focusing on lots and lots of guns and killing, and I am totally fine with that.

For all of you who have yet to give it a watch, check out the trailer below!


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I had a ton of fun with the first game, the sequel looks like it will be twice as awesome.

Though I don't think I can get behind the term "joypuking"... >_>

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