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If you like Assassin's Creed, then well, like most other games, I'm sure you wished someone made an epic movie out of it. That's too bad, it hasn't actually happened yet. But you know what? We got the next best thing... The Bollywood rendition! And no, that's not "Hollywood" incorrectly spelled. Bollywood is a large section of Indian Cinema based in Mumbai that focuses on the multi-regional production of films. By that, I mean they mix Indian with the English language.

Anyways, the movie, film, clip, whatever, is pretty darn epic. You'll get to see who I believe is Ezio, if he were more Indian and used a samurai sword, engage in epic combat that blatantly over-exaggerates what most anyone can actually do. But who cares? He is supposed to be an assassin and IT IS based off of a video game. I only wish the movie was a bit more stab-tastic, but who am I kidding, the main character really doesn't have to use actual weapons. And you'll get why. Anyways, here's the trailer. Enjoy!



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That was pretty slick, actually. ^_^

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