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I have been following Wakfu since it's launch, spending as little time in the beta as possible, simply because I love my husband and don't want to be swallowed whole by a game gain (I'm looking at you Civilization III). Today Square Enix finally announced their launch will be in February 2012.  We'll have to start saving our pennies though, since the game will come with a combination of a subscription of $6.00 a month as well as a microtransaction online store for the vanity items we can't live without.

As was explained when I asked about this talking to Square Enix in the Final Fantasy XIV interview, Japan doesn't look kindly on free-to-play in general.  This might be why Wakfu is going with a hybrid model.  I genuinely hope it works for them, because this is a brilliant little game that deserves to survive.  Let's just hope they don't release it Feb. 14th or I'll really be in trouble.


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