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As screwed up as Capcom’s other video game divisions are as of late, there is still some hope to be had with their other titles. In particular, Asura’s Wrath, being developed by CyberConnect2, has been generating its own noise with its over-the-top combat segments and unique character design. Or that sound could just be the game’s protagonist screaming for some inexplicable reason.

Either way, Capcom released a new trailer for the upcoming smash-your-face-in action title. Here, we see Asura meet up with his old mentor for a dip in the hot springs and a friendly chat, before the scene shifts to them duking it out on the moon. The trailer hits a climax when the mentor pulls out a blade that ends up being so large it puts the weapon of a certain long-haired, trench coat wearing mama’s boy’s to shame. Like many other events shown from the game, this one will likely have you crying out “How is that even possible!?”

Check out the insanity after the break. Then go punch something to get the stored up adrenaline out.


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