There wasn't much in the way of big news coming out of this year's VIdeo Game Awards.  I was happy to see that The Walking Dead, a small little serial game, pulled the game of the year award away from the FPS giants, but I was really watching the event to see new trailers. There were only two that I saw that could be counted as game reveals, and only one that grabbed my attention from the first frame.  You see, while this game seems to be titled The Phantom Pain, many who saw the trailer are speculating that this is actually Metal Gear Solid 5.

I too thought this might be at least a Raiden game, but the actual trailer at least purports itself to be a new game about a guy who survives a horrible car crash only to get attacked while he's still recuperating in the hospital.  This doesn't appear to be a Kojima project at all, with the developer being listed as Moby Dick Studio, a little Scandinavian outfit in Sweden that hasn't bothered to put much of anything on their website.

Tell ya what:  You watch the trailer for yourself and see if this one armed hero doesn't indeed have the look of a Snake about him.  Whether or not this ends up being MGS 5 or not, it certainly looks like a pretty game, and maybe that's enough.  



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I don't think this is MGS5 because there were parts to the trailer that showed demons or ghosts of some kind and leans more towards the horror genre. It's a perfect fit, no? There's not much the main character can do except run and rely on some guy to save you. And if I remember, I think Hideo even said MGS5 would go back to the original roots of the MGS franchise instead of going the Raiden 'hack-n-slash' route. Being one-armed and crawling for survival doesnt seem like going back to roots lol.

Still, this game looks very interesting. I'm not at all interested simply because I'm not a huge fan of horror games; and yes, because i'm a scaredy cat lol. Ok, not entirely. I think the direction of modern horror games has caused me to be less excited and immediately drop the controller half way through the game. Hopefully, this game picks up the pace.

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Honestly, when I saw the "ghosts" I immediately thought of Psycho Mantis.

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Honestly, when I saw mullet I thought of Snake. :)

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