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Blizzard has a long tradition of helping out disaster relief with their vanity item sales for World of Warcraft.  This week they announced that they will be donating the proceeds of the sales of their latest vanity pet, the Cinder Kitten, to victims of Superstorm Sandy.  

Those of you who play WoW might remember the Moonkin Hatchling was released several years ago, and the sales of said adorable fluffy puffball went to fund aid to Tsunami survivors in Japan.  This time around the efforts hit much closer to home, as several of us have actual family that were affected by the superstorm.  

While there is more than a little controversy surrounding the sale of vanity items for a subscription game, at least in this case the profits go to a good cause.  Plus now you can have a killer addition to your Pet Battle team, since the Cinder Kitten is a Rare Quality pet that borrows abilities from multiple pet types.  Since this will no doubt be a valuable pet to have, the more generous of you out there can buy multiple ones and throw them up on the AH.  You know, for charity.

The Cinder Kitten will be available for purchase until December 31st, so while you do have a little bit of time, it won't sit around forever.  

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If I do get one, I may have to name it Fireball. Or Johnny Storm. Still deciding.

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