I'm pretty sure when the Mayans and Nostradamus were doing their future casting they never saw this coming. Street Fighter X Mega Man is coming out 12/17/2012, just a handful of days before the end of world, well if you're drinking that kind of punch. The big twist is that it's free and it's ... 8-bit? Holy awesome retro goodness Batman! Take a look at the trailer after the jump.



I'm dead serious when I say I never saw this day coming but I am damn glad it is. Now I can plug in my retro controller and frustrating curse at the screen as I die repeatedly relearning the rules of old school Mega Man. Being able to tackle some of Street Fighter's iconic characters as bosses and then use their powers, yes. Just too bad you can't render Chun Li's thighs in 8-bit properly, seriously how else would you pull off those kicks?

So yeah, 12/17/2012 the 25th anniversary of our beloved blue robot dude and a free game. You can read more details over at the Capcom-Unity blog here.

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This is fairly awesome - though I wish it was Mega Man X ^_^

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I honestly felt the same way, I think that is also why it wasn't titled Mega Man X Street Fighter. That whole confusion factor.

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