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No matter which king you bow to, nobleman and peasant alike will take joy in viewing these screenshots from up-and-coming strategy title, Game of Thrones- Genesis.

With a release getting ever so soon, game developer Cyanide thought it was only just to unleash five new screenshots upon us. I wouldn’t say the graphics are impressive, but they’re not something to scoff at–they even have a picture of the freaking Wall, and castle-forged steel has never look as cool as this.

Genesis wants to properly imitate the world George R.R. Martin created in his books, and aesthetically it succeeds. But what is more interesting is that is not just trying to be a war simulator like almost all of its strategy counterparts, but a game that has as much guile as it does guts. You’re even able to win battles without picking up a single weapon, so don’t be intimidated by that armoured nut pointing his sword.

Game of Thrones as much about lying and factions as it is about outright war, which I’m not sure the screenshots really show, but doesn’t just staring at them make you want to play?

Game of Thrones- Genesis will be sticking us with the pointy end on September 29th.

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