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Resident Evil 6, which was originally intended for a November 20th, 2012 launch has been pushed forward and is now set to release on October 2, 2012. I don’t blame Capcom at all for the move since November has a killer line-up of triple-A titles waiting to divide consumers.

The sixth installment of Resident Evil is said to bring a lot of new surprises as well as some familiar faces, and hopefully the basic ability to move and shoot, just saying… The game will also feature a new virus known as the C-Virus that will spawn new enemies. Also, Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are supposed to meet up in the game as well, which hopefully won’t cause a universal meltdown.

Fall has a large line-up of video games set but will Resident Evil 6 be one of the titles you plan to pick up?

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I cannot wait for this game, Leon is my favorite RE character, and I can't wait to check out dat ass!

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Leon's ass? o_O

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Woah O.O I lol'd

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