Blizzard Entertainment has decided to air their first TV commercial for Diablo 3. As cool as the game seems to be, I was so disappointed this wasn’t a preview for an actual movie. And just to make sure, I watched it multiple times, and the box at the end still hasn’t lied to me. I guess that means no “Michael Bay’s Diablo III.”

A few key characters make an appearance in the commercial. I’m not going to spoil it for you at all but the returning characters excite me.

Diablo III makes its worldwide launch on May 15th, 2012. Evil IS back… Check out the video below!


[Trailer via Diablo]

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Woot!  I don't watch Family Guy so I missed the commercial airing over the weekend.  A little nervous to see Tyreal hit the ground though.  Hopefully nothing happens to him. 

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Only two weeks left! I can hardly contain the excitement!

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Should be an amazing game. Its insane how good these cinematic are, especial when you go and look back at the once from Diablo 2.

[fraggadier] @ 4:47:36 AM May 1, 2012
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Why isn't this a movie?

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