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This morning is pretty Nintendorific but it's exciting to me because it involves two titles that have engulfed my early childhood. Over at Wondercon 2013, straight after Pikmin 3, which shattered my soul, I took two steps to the left and ran into Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which broke everything else. The game is slated for a 3DS release and no word on the Wii U version has been made based on information I have recieved at the event to say the least.

Good ole' fashioned Animal Crossing

During the presentation, Nintendo said they didn't want to stray too far from their roots in-terms of Animal Crossing. After all, the game was really designed to just have fun in a world of animals. And there's really not much to say about the game. If you've played all the Animal Crossings, heck, even if you've played just one, you can kind of get an idea of how New Leaf will play -- You start out as a person with nothing in their pockets and are given the opportunity to make a name for yourself within your soothing, yet sometimes frenetic little town.

Control your town

New Leaf hosts a wide vareity of new features. For the first time ever, you can actually determine where shops and specific locations are in your town. This leads on to being able to create community projects and help expand your little town with better stuff through yours and your fellow townsfolk's efforts. This is mainly just good for customization. After all, you want everything to look all pretty and nice for people who come and visit your town.

A large vareity of new townsfolk

This was expected, but there is said to be a "huge number" of new animal species that could potentially move into your town. Not entirely sure what "huge number" means but they mentioned hamsters and deer and more...

Better network connectivity

This was actually vaguely mentioned, but it's still worth some coverage. In the past we've had the typical friend code system, which means it was rather difficult to have Animal Crossing related parties with other parts of the world. I guess now they're trying to make it easier. Perhaps everytime you ping someone it gives them access to your town? Or perhaps you can just do global searches? It's all hush hush but they're really making it an effort to improve online play.

Sorry if all this seemed Vague. Nintendo was fairly quiet about what to expect from New Leaf aside from the obvious. Still, just from looking at it, you can tell the game is bigger than ever and should please fans of the series.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is scheduled to release on June 9th, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS.


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