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Apparently getting the rights to make a Persona game may have taken a larger toll of Arc System Works’ collective wallets than expected. They’ve put out a video detailing the company’s plans for Tokyo Game Show this week, only in the form of a puppet show.

While definitely a unique method of announcing your projects, it does its job in getting the necessary info out there. The video stars puppet forms of BlazBlue’s Rachel and Makoto, and they go on to talk about the company’s various activities at TGS. This includes what I believe to be a live recording of BlazBlue Radio, and information regarding BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend for the PSVita. While I can’t recall any of the Japanese I learned from classes, I think they touch on a console version of Extend as well. They also talk about the company's publishing deals, such as Australian developed fighter Chaos Code, and a couple 3DS offerings.

No English transcript is available yet, but, the video is still worth a look, even if you don’t know a lick of Japanese, and especially if you’re curious as to how abusive Rachel can really get. The video is available for viewing on NicoNico (no registration is required to view it).

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