It’s no secret that BlazBlue is pretty popular in Japan, even beating out games like Street Fighter 4 over there. Aksys games, publisher for Arc System Works’ title, have even announced what they’re calling the world’s biggest BlazBlue tournament, called BlazBlue Revolution.

The tournament is set to kick off in Japan in March of 2012, but American players can get in on the action as well. Aksys will be holding a separate tournament here in Southern California, where the winners will earn the right to fly eastward and represent their country. This tournament is set to take place February 25, 2012, at a yet to be determined venue.

The format for the tournaments will consist of 3v3 team style battles, using the soon-to-be-released BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend version of the game, set to be released for console in Japan in December, with a NA release planned for February of 2012. Winners of the U.S. tournament will receive free airfare and hotel to Japan, where they can take part in the BlazBlue Revolution Japan Finals. To sweeten the deal, if the U.S. team comes out on top, then Aksys will add a special monetary bonus to their prize.

My advice? Start practicing now, cause Japan is already going to be getting a headstart on the Extend changes once it drops over there. The faster you can adjust, the more likely your chances of success are.

More info is set to be released in December on the Blazblue Revolution website, but for now, you can check out Aksys’ website for additional info.

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