Crystal Towers in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn makes for a lot of fun but we all know sticking 24-people who (usually) don't know each other into one big run can make for a lot of comical, or disastrous nonsense. I for one, am intrigued by the amount of dominance tanks have to assert on to the raid especially when there are six of them in the alliance (two per party). It's like all the bosses are trees they have to pee Provoke on.

Well, if you've experienced this in the past, this little short is for you. Check it out below:


FFXIV's Crystals Towers Raid is quite amusing... till someone has to ask THE question. Every time.... Still, not going to complain. Most of my runs are smooth, or at least get completed. But I still had to make this video. Don't take this with a grain of salt though, most tanks are cool and ocne someone calls MT there's no objection.

IGN: War Chao
Server: Gilgamesh

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As long as I don't have aggro, I don't care. Just kidding, having 6 tanks in one raid is crazy, most of the time they are just standing around doing nothing, or pretending they are a dps and killing the boss, guess it better then just standing there. The only time you really need 6 tank is during the trash, rather then that, just need 2 or 3.

On the other hand, there are some fight that you need people to just to click something and stand there and click it again after a short time. Guess it better then having to make a dps do this.

[Mandifesto] @ 6:52:09 AM Jan 8, 2014
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I'll MT...oh wait, I don't play that game.  Also, I play ranged DPS.  So...turtle tank?  Also also...MINE?

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