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If you're a fan of Sword Art Online and Nexon's side-scrolling platformer, Maplestory, you'll be pleased to hear about this cross-over. It turns out Maplestory players will be able to access an exclusive, limited-time SAO dungeon that resembles the floors found in Aincrad.

All you have to do in order to play is to reach level 13, where you'll have access to the dungeon. Once inside, you'll get to play as either Kirito, Asuna, or Leafa at random and fight bosses and monsters seen from straight of the anime--you'll even get to use exclusive skills unqiue to the character. To me, this is kind of ironic since in the anime, Sword Art Online is every gamer's VR dream, but Maplestory is a fun,amusing sprite-ish side-scroller. It's still pretty neat if you ask me.

Check out all the details on the main website here.

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I am definitely a Sword Art Online fan (though I haven't watched 2 yet) but I have'nt gone near Maplestory in what feels like 15 years...

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