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Blizzcon is coming up this weekend so I thought it would be fitting to do what everyone else does and create a speculation post on what's to come! Yea! No? Well, too late, it's already been done... This week's edition of The Geekly Discussion has the writers talking about what they expect, or hope to expect, at this year's Blizzcon. We'll also be up there covering the event on November 8th through the 9th so come back and see if anyone's dreams come true!

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Ken "Chaobo" Serra

Blizzcon is coming up this weekend and in the past few months, Blizzard has put quite a few new treats on the plate. Amanda put up quite an interesting article last week on the "Warlords of Draenor" leak which is looking to revitalize older World of Warcraft content. I am not much of a WoW player but I'm sure many of you among the staff and community can tell us what to expect.

As for me, I'm definitely looking to see more on Hearthstone, particularly on the balancing aspect of it as well as Heroes of the Storm, their new MOBA. Oh and I can't forget PPPRRRROOOOOOJJEEECTTT TITTAAAANNNNblarghhhhhhhhahhhh

How about all of you? The floor is open.


Arthur "Arturis" Orneck
Managing Editor/CEO

My mind tingles with anticipation over all the possible things they could announce this weekend. As I make it obvious around the site, I am a huge Blizzard fan, and BlizzCon each year is the closest thing I have to a holiday. I am looking forward to finally hearing what Titan is, learning the true name of the next WoW expansion, having some hands-on time with the Diablo III expansion, getting a glimpse of the Protoss part of the StarCraft II "trilogy", and maybe even hearing an official open release date for Hearthstone. So much awesome is coming our way, and all I can say is "bring it on!"


Amanda "Mandifesto" Orneck
Writer/ COO

I've already laid some groundwork in my last post on Game Geex, but I'll be a little more explicit:  I am looking for playable Warlords Dark of the Draenor Below, and enough information about updates to the MMO to justify people returning to the game after long absences.  I'd specifically love new rewards systems in place for returning players, and a way to unlock an end-game level 100 (yes, I said it) character once you reach that level with two or more of your characters.  

I want a way to pay to switch classes the way you can now switch races and factions.  I want meaningful engineering improvements, and I want LFR being extended to older raids so I can experience that content too.  I want Outland to be fixed, Northrend to be streamlined, and I want the 60 to 80 content to feel relevant again, the way that Cataclysm made the 1 to 59 relevant. 

I expect to kill Azshara and Sargeras and heck maybe even N'zoth, to learn about Alleria and Turalyon, to FINALLY step through those dormant portals in Outland, and to breathe deep as I watch Thrall's story come to a close and stand by his side as he learns his ultimate destiny.  

I want to be wowed, pun intended, to laugh and cry as we say goodbye to the game we've spent so much time in. And then I want to head across the hall to play Titan.  


Goodness I wish one can simply just walk across the hall and play Titan, heh.

@Art I am very much interested in this Diablo III expansion, it sounds delicious. Though I've never been the biggest fan of top-down dungeon crawler, but that's mainly me just getting bored after a bit. Hoping they'll change my mindset here soon.



Have you tried out D3 on the consoles? Its fairly impressive, and there are free demos for both XBox360 and PS3. Having direct control of the character and the ability to actively dodge makes a world of difference to the gameplay.



Going to add to this, since the topic is still open:


There's an obviously hoax image up on imgur today that has me thinking:

While I can guarantee we won't be playing dogs in the next WoW expansion, the layout of the character select is updated, and includes a video player that is not currently there.  So the Photoshop artist could very well be taking the time to painstakingly create a new character creation page, or this is a legit screenshot from BlizzCon.  What that means is that there will be two new races announces with Warlords of Draenor.  It makes a lot of sense that Blizzard wouldn't even put in the new races until the announcement day, for fear that a leak like this might happen.

Then again, the Pandaren is selected in the screenshot, but a Corgi is on the screen, so this might just be 'shopped.  Intriguing though.



@Art I haven't yet because I was turned off by not being able to play with PC players >< That's just me, since I feel games like that need a sexy multiplayer.

@Amanda I heard talks about a second hero class. Demon Hunter was it? It popped up in a discussion with some friends and they pay more attention to this kind of stuff. Also, since it's an expansion aren't there usually new races to go along with it anyways?


Martin "Mavlock" Brandt

Imma let you finish, but let me just say that D3 console is the best D3 ever on consoles.

Yeah so I didn't write that line but I implied it and thus it was born and shared with you, thanks goes to Art for giving birth to the creature. What I'm saying is Diablo 3 on the PC bored me to tears. I've been playing the Diablo series since launch and Diablo 3 was just Diablo 2 with extra fluff to me. I played A LOT of D2, like an unhealthy amount. It was one of those games one of your friends would rediscover and suddenly you were all sucked in. By the time D3 came out I'd been there done that.

So then I decided to check out console version just because I had some bandwidth to burn. By the divine, I was actually enjoying myself. This was the game I wanted to play and I feel sorry for the PC people who don't know its joyous pleasures. Now I just need to save up some change and buy the damn console version.

Blizzcon? Sounds shifty to me but I've never been. No really it sounds fantastic and every year I watch the live streams for it. I may still be burnt out on the MMO genre but I'm always interested in what lore and new games Blizzard has cooked up. Who wouldn't want to play a Korgi Death Knight?

@Ken Don't joke about the Demon Hunter! Some of us still carry the scars of launch and that mysterious box art.

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@Martin I shall joke about all Demon Hunters this world has ever seen >:E... Ok, I won't don't even know anything at the moment.

@Amanda My goodness, that would be the one thing to get me to try WoW... "So yea, i'm a lvl 90 Warlock Dog, mhm."

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