One of the biggest bits of news out of this year's BlizzCon is that the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, will come with a long awaited and often requested character model overhaul. WoW will be turning an impressive 9 years old this month, and while the game still has a dedicated following, its original low-polygon character models are starting to show their age. This new revamp of all the player character classes (with the exclusion of the newer Goblin, Worgen, and Panderan models) will help to breathe new life into the player experience by allowing for more emotion and expressive animation. And no more blocky wedge-paddle fingers!

Check out the attached photo gallery, which contains a few pics I was able to snap during the Art & Design panel earlier today. While only a hand full of races/genders are ready to be shown, the few that they did reveal are very impressive, and make me eager to see all my characters in a fresh, high-poly and vibrantly animated way! 

NewFemaleGnomeCloseUp.png (1280w x 640h)
NewMaleDwarfTextures.png (1280w x 640h)
NewMaleGnomeDetails.png (1280w x 640h)
NewMaleOrcPreview.png (1280w x 640h)
NewFemaleGnomePreview.png (1280w x 640h)
OldMaleDwarfTextures.png (1280w x 640h)
NewMaleTaurenPreview.png (1280w x 640h)
NewFemaleDwarfPreview.png (1280w x 640h)

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The male gnomes... so suave @.@;;;

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