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This man has many titles... Some see him as the dude behind the world of Geex and some know him as Arturis, but as of this month, he can be known as 'that guy who won January 2014's Blizzard comic contest Arturis man!" [title pending] for his /Silly entry, "Orc Interrupted." To think, this piece marked a return to the series so perhaps this is destiny?

And the comic contest winner for January, 2014, is ... Arturis.

The talented winner will receive an Art of Blizzard Book Standard Edition [Hardcover] ! In February, we’ll be giving away a Risk®: Starcraft Collector's Edition, with an approximate retail value of $49.95, to the winner of the next Blizzard Comic Contest.

Congratulations once again! You can also view the winning piece here.

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Nicely done, congrats!

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Well there isn't a need to make a big fuss about it! ^_^ Thank you, though.

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