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Well, well, well. After forcing players to buy the game after its open beta, Heroes of Newerth has returned to a free to play model.

Over the coming months, League of Legends has had success after success, and its recent number crunch has really shown how much the game has flourished.  Success of its rival title has had a large impact on HoN I believe, but I think the guys at S2 Games are also weary of the advent of Dota 2. Their new model directly resembles LoL, replacing the ability to select all characters, instead making heroes purchasable. Of course, players who bought the game are not nerfed for their purchase, as they are given full rights to play as any character they wish, and given a full coffer of coins they can use to purchase different avatars for their characters and other goodies as well.

I think this change of plan will help Heroes of Newerth in the long term. The majority of their newer heroes are unique characters, deviating from the Dota originals they used to be known to do. To establish themselves as a major player in the new emerging world of MOBAs, Heroes of Newerth really has to show that it can be its own game. This new road that S2 Games has decided to go down will be very important for them in the coming year, and could really save the game from extinction. HoN is truly a great game, and would be shameful for such hard work to disappear.
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