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New Jersey has a hurricane heading right towards it and the college kids of couldn't give a darn. They're too busy playing bootlegged video games and raising money for "Free the Children", a charity group that brings school rooms and provides basic necessities of life to countries like Kenya, India, and Haiti.

If you're wondering how playing bootlegs ties into building schools for underprivileged communities, you need only visit the ExtraLives livestream on their website. The Bootleg Bonanza, as they call it, is working to raise $3,000 for Free the Children. They are taking donations as they power through some of the most painful bootlegs I've ever seen.

At the time of writing this, they have just finished a bizarre Mario World on the NES and now they are playing what appears to be a DDR bootleg on the NES. Comments so far have included, "I don't think you can fail out" and "I have a feeling we're supposed to be using a dance pad", as well as realizing that they can use the diagonals to get two notes at once.

Nonetheless, the charity group's family home is in a mandatory evacuation zone for Hurricane Irene, according to his post on Reddit, meaning that the fundraised might have to abruptly stop. They have already raised 93% of their total goal with 99 different contributors giving a total of $2,816.01. Donating $5 signs you up for a raffle to win a t-shirt from ExtraLives.

In the past, ExtraLives has raised over $1000 for groups like Child's Play (by playing Pokemon) and World Food Programme (all the Sonic games), and over $45,000 for Free the Children through their previous fundraisers.

Tune into their stream at and enjoy the bizarrely programmed knockoffs they're enjoying this weekend.

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