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Quake 4 served as one of the Xbox 360’s launch titles way back in 2005. Now, after all these years, Bethesda plans to re-release the title on June 19th, 2012. I honestly don’t know why. They didn’t even mention whether the re-launch would include new features or updated graphics… Bethesda simply just said they plan to re-release it. How vague.

Either way, Quake 4 is still a highly competitive game. Popular? Hardly… But it’s still considered an eSport in some communities and is played with a decent amount of cash on the line. Perhaps releasing it again will revive the community or get those that perhaps didn’t own an Xbox 360 till just recently a chance to play.

Once again, Quake 4 will re-launch on June 19th 2012. The good news is the game will maintain its current price tag of $19.99.

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First the giant Romero head and now Quake 4 rerelease... It's either April Fools or the 1990's.

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It's neither and it's awesome

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