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GameGeex - High Scores are Still Alive The high score culture lives on in the internet world.

In the early days of console gaming we didn't have digital cameras, internet, or email. It was a time of trail blazing, wild west style show downs, and pong. Sure pong has devolved into frat boys bouncing balls into Solo cups full of beer, the only trails being blazed are on the slopes, and the wild west is a trendy genre we revisit in rarity. Still the high score culture lives on. It really was long ago that we'd crowd around arcades trying to leave our initials in the ranking. Some of us working at creative uses of the three letter combo we were provided.

There was a time when you could snap a picture of your TV screen and send the photo to Atari and get a t-shirt for your hard work. Though it was the Activision guys I thought of with patches decorating their jean jackets, covered in high score accolades. As they came into the arcade you knew they meant business, score boards were about to get signed. As I said the high score culture lives on in places like This website allows users to snap video, screen caps, or photos of their high score and upload it to the site to compete with other users around the world. No longer is the local arcade the only place to show off your Donkey Kong Jr skills.

If you stop by you'll see currently the king of is Cncfreak (A frequent commenter on her under Classic Contagious Gaming), maybe you can take him out?

The above picture is courtesy of Wyat Fuller posted to Reddit.

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Oh goodness noooo keep this away from me! Its competitive aura is soo alluring *snifffffff*... Delicious.

ps: I wish I had jean shorts with all those activision patches :0




[Mandifesto] @ 1:32:41 PM Jan 4, 2014
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Wait, you used to get physical rewards from virtual achievements?  That's simply amazing!  I guess it's a good thing they don't do that anymore, or I would really be addicted to achievements.

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I'm gonna try to set a new high score for Game & Watch Gallery 2's Donkey Kong.


[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 2:06:02 PM Jan 4, 2014
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Yeah the site's a guilty pleasure of mine.  It also makes a great place to keep all your high scores in virtual form.  For me it's been quantity not quality of scores.  I've never been great at getting the highest score but I can sure play a lot of games.

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Yea, both fortunately and unfortunately, there are just too many gamers for them to do that now. Of course if this still, existed I'd be rockin' patches with some of Xbox' hardest shooter achievements... Or at least most tedious >.> Whichever.

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Hi Chaobo, 

Thanks for letting me know about this post. (I am the webmaster of, and just saw your note on there.)

Mandifesto: You win "trophies" on on High Score (similar to "badges" on sites like Foursquare), some of which include the Activision patches. If you look at the profile for cncfreak (Classic Contagious Gaming), you will see the honors that he has earned, which include Activision patches.

You can submit scores for any game (if it isn't in the database, request it, and I will add it), and you can compete for regional trophies as well as worldwide ones.

There are secret trophies on the site that I won't tell you how to unlock. For example, the ability to earn Activision patches was never advertised. It is a kind of "easter egg" i built into the site. There are lots more that no one else has discovered, so far.

I hope you all enjoy the site. I am always making improvements based on user feedback, so if there is something you'd like to see changed or added, feel free to request it via the site.





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Hi Serious! Thanks for the response :D. You should look into contacting the high-speed setters on since they're all into speed runs. Maybe they'll be interested in high scores too.

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Thanks for the suggestion Chaobo. Speed runs can also be posted on High Score. I will look to connect with them.

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Ok, I've got to ask this. My obsessive nature demands it, and no matter how much I try, it can not be ignored. I will only ask it once, and it will be painful, and horrible, and probably doom me to an eternity in meme hell, but there is absolutely no way to prevent this so I might as well rip the band-aid off in one fell swoop, so to speak:

Why so Serious?

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Said the scorpion to the frog: It's my nature.

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