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GameGeex - Welcome Geex! The start of something awesome.

Have you ever had a day that was so awesome that it stuck in your memory for years afterward?  You might not remember exactly what happened, what was said or what you did, but the memory of the awesomeness remains to make you smile whenever you remember it.  Today, I think, a bit of that awesomeness is happening. 

For years we’ve been saying to ourselves “I wish there was a site that was less about the industry and more about the people that play games,” or “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a place online that felt like the comic shop around the corner or the local gaming café?”  After so long working for other sites and seeing what they’ve done, and what they haven’t, we reached a point where we realized that we can have that place – we can create it.

Enter GameGeex, a virtual hang out where we can connect with others who loves the games we love. It’s also where we’ll keep you updated on the latest news and opinion about the world of gaming. We’re excited to share this experience with you, and hope you’ll stay and help make this into the place you’ve always wanted to find online. That would be just plain awesome.

[image via Syrco owl]

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GEEK IS - building your own blogging engine because you dont like the ones that are already out there.

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