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GameGeex - Fox announces Family Guy Online In what comes off as another cheap cash-in, the television network seeks to mooch off Seth McFarlane even more with a new MMO.

In a move that can only result in a forthcoming tragedy, Fox has announced that they too will be hopping into the MMO scene. Instead of coming up with a unique concept, however, they seem content to continue riding on the coattails of Seth McFarlane, unveiling Family Guy Online.

While no details have been made available yet regarding the title itself, there’s still an unavoidable feeling of “Why would you do this!?” floating around such a project. You can register for the closed beta (which has yet to be dated) on the game page, and you can also find pages relating to the game on several social networking sites such as Facebook and Reddit.

Despite the fact that the last video game incarnation of the show didn’t fair too well with general audiences, Fox seems to be content with milking the popular franchise as much as possible. Of course, this is also the same network that has kept The Simpsons running for over 20 seasons and almost 500 episodes, despite the continuous drop in quality, so maybe such a decision isn’t that surprising after all?


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Why do things like this get approved? Really, a Family Guy mmo? Who pitched that? Better yet, who said, "oh yeah, that's a great idea." Because obviously they are wasting my air.

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