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            This review is sponsored in part by chimichangas, mmm delicious. If you’re not a fan of spoilers, please shift your eyes the other way--you have been warned! Deadpool is a movie that does not disappoint. It caters to both male and female audiences, especially for Valentine's day weekend. You got your love and romance with a boatload of action and humor all in one movie.

            The movie is in fact an origin story of how Deadpool got his healing factor. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wade Wilson is given the offer to become a super hero. The organization turned out to be pure evil so you know what hits the fan. The scientists successfully trigger his mutant powers but his cancer was multiplying as fast as he could heal it, leaving him scarred. So throughout the movie his goal is to kill the person that turned him into a mutant with a face that looked “like an avocado that had sex with another avocado.”

            The movie holds up very well from beginning to end never with a dull moment. If anyone entered the theater with the preconception that Deadpool was nothing but humor, the movie proves otherwise, containing action, gore, along with the humor that we all know and love. But one of the major greatnesses about this movie is the character development and emotional moments that hit home. Wade Wilson falls in love with Vanessa; they live happily until they learn he has cancer. With Wade being bit by the cancer bug, his perception on life and Vanessa changes (cue emotional music). Personally, I only wanted to see him in the red suit.

            I couldn't ask for a better experience at the movies. I saw it in true IMAX with it's amazing image quality and sound that you drool over. The energy in the theater was electric--I couldn't help but tear up. My eyes watered, seeing a character that I've loved for so long finally on the big screen. To every joke that people laughed at, I cried saying: "It's so beautiful." If you haven't seen it yet, go see it. I've already seen it twice and plan on seeing it for a third time, maybe even a fourth, or fifth, perhaps sixth or even...

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