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Turns out another Tekken movie dubbed Tekken - A Man Called X is in the works which will be a prequel to the 2009 movie I still can't wipe from my mind. In a write-up by Cinema Today Japan, Actor Kane Kosugi (Dead or Alive) confirmed he will be starring in a role for the upcoming video game movie rendition. The flick is said to be directed by Prachya Pinkaew who worked on Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior and The Protector which were full of the fun martial artsy stuff you expect from a fighting movie and to me, is the A Man Called X' glimmer of hope.

The movie released back in 2010 was pretty bad. Though, with a new set of actors and a director with a good track record for this type of movie, maybe it won't be awful. The issue is video game or anime to Hollywood Film renditions haven't been good as of late... Then again, the highly-anticipated ones are still in development. With that said, I hope this upcoming one is good because according to the Crystal Sky's CEO, Steven Paul, whose company heads production, this movie will be the start of a 'franchise of movies' and all I have to say is "yes, please!" or "Oh, god."

Tekken: A Man Called X doesn't have a release window yet but we're likely looking at a 2015 release date. At least the new Star Wars movie will treat my mind to goodness if all doesn't go well.


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*punch* *punch* ~~deeply moving plot sequence set to dramatic music~ *punch* *punch*

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I prefer the anime movie of Tekken that came out a while ago.

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