King of Fighters XIII
Genre: Fighting
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Release Date(s):
11/22/2011 ( PlayStation 3,X-Box 360 )
Developer: Atlus Co.
Publisher: Atlus Co.
Desc: The King of Fighters XIII represents the HD entry in the series that fans have been waiting for.

GameGeex Review of King of Fighters XIII
SNKP tries to redeem themselves after one of the biggest letdowns of fighting game history.
tl;dr - Too long; Didn't read
After the tremendous blunder that was KoFXII, SNKP and Atlus have worked to redeem the franchise’s honor by providing a game with more content, an engaging and rewarding fighting system, and improved online. Though there are a couple basic things missing from the package, this game provides ample material for both newcomers to the franchise, and fans that have stuck with it over the years. If you're a true fighting game fan, then you will definitely need to check this out.
Aesthetics: 5.0
GamePlay: 4.5
Story: 3.5
Quality: 4.5
Overall Score: 4.5
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