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NOS Energy drink, the official energy drink of the Major League Gaming industry, has just announced a partnership with gas stations across America to help promote MLG and what it is. Major League gaming has grown exponentially the past three years thanks to its fans and now, their sponsors.

With any purchase of any flavor of NOS energy drink from various retailers(AM/PM, minimart, 7-11), you could obtain a limited edition MLG pro circuit poster and even gain free access to the MLG Anaheim international tournament venue on July 29 through the 31st. So whenever you're out there pumping gas or simply gotta use the gas station restroom, cause we all do it at one point, pick yourself up some NOS. Supplies are limited and if you’re interested, you are most likely going to have some… “friendly” competition.

Good luck to all of you out there and get out of my way!

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