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It really seems like Atlus’ latest game offering, The Cursed Crusade, really does have a complete package. It’s got intense combat, co-op play, a dramatic story. And now, it even has a lower price point.

The esteemed studio announced today that the journey for The Cursed Crusade will have a less punishing entry fee of $39.99 at launch, a huge plus for those who want to try to prevent their wallets from getting eaten in the midst of the holiday gaming season. Atlus also confirmed that the release date is set at October 11 for NA audiences for the PS3, 360 and PC, and have even set up a developer’s diary for eager fans to look through.

In addition, they also unveiled a new set of screenshots, as well as a new trailer to oogle that. The game looks spectacular so far, and I myself enjoy a good story involving a man fighting for his very humanity. Check out both the screenshots and the trailer below.








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This is the first Ive heard of this game... how did it slip under my radar? Interesting...

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