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Mundo does what he pleases, and he loves Mac over PC. Riot Game's smash hit, free-to-play title League of Legends is coming to OSX, and they are going to officially start the open beta today March first. I know what you're thinking, finally another game for Apple that isn't a Blizzard title right? League of Legends for the Mac will be exactly like it for the PC. They will patch and have bug fixes at the same time!

I must say, bravo Riot Games. Not only have you released a free to play game, but are expanding their target audience that cater to all users. This isn't the first time Riot has done something like this. They did a graphical update in the past so that people with lower powered computers can run the game more smoothly. Riot already released an unofficial Mac version a while back, but it is very buggy.

There is no news on when the full version of League of Legends will be releasing on the Mac, but I'm sure it'll probably release sometime within the next two weeks. You can download the Mac client here. Also Sign up by clicking here. Enjoy!



Trailer Via RiotGameInc

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There has been quite an upswell of gaming love on OSX recently. As you mentioned, Blizzard has been great about making sure its games ship for both PC and Mac, and several games published through Steam are also available on both platforms, including my current addiction, Borderlands 2.

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