You there!  Yes you, the one standing there on the virtual street corner with your hands in your pockets.  You need a purpose in your life -- a direction!  I have just the thing my friend.  It's called Firefall, and it calls you to the battlefield Bucko.  For months now there have been whispers of a Sci-Fi shooter you play online with your friends, one with style and polish and pizzazz.  But so far the access has been closed off, and so you can only sit on the sidelines wondering when you too will have the chance to try out the game.

Well wonder no more!  On July 9, 2013 you too will be able to step up to the plate and join the heroes as they plunge themselves headlong into battle with massive alien bugs.  You too will be able to get their sliming guts all over you, receive battle scars you can show off at the local watering hole, and generally be the envy of all your friends.  

Interested?  I knew you would be Kiddo.  While you still have some time to wait, you can begin preparing now.  First and foremost, start warming up your trigger finger by heading over to the Enlistment Page and get yourself signed up for your tour of duty.  Tell 'em General Mandifesto sent ya -- my name goes along way with them folks down at the Red 5 HQ. Then get working on those pushups.  It's going to take a lotta muscle to be able to tool around in that heavy armor.  Best be starting the bulking up now.   

Firefall_Action_01.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Action_03.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_19.jpg (1864w x 1007h)
Firefall_Action_04.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Action_05.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Action_06.png (1600w x 900h)
Firefall_Action_07.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_08.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_10.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_11.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_09.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_12.png (1920w x 1200h)
Firefall_Action_13.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_14.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_15.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_16.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_17.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_18.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_20.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_19.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Action_21.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Scenic_01.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_02.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_03.jpg (1200w x 710h)
Firefall_eSports.png (1920w x 1200h)
Firefall_Scenic_04.jpg (1200w x 710h)
Firefall_Scenic_05.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_06.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_08.jpg (1200w x 710h)
Firefall_Scenic_09.jpg (1864w x 1007h)
Firefall_Scenic_07.png (1920w x 1200h)
Firefall_Scenic_10.jpg (1864w x 1007h)
Firefall_Scenic_11.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_12.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_13.jpg (1200w x 710h)
Firefall_Scenic_14.jpg (1200w x 675h)
Firefall_Scenic_15.jpg (1864w x 1007h)
Firefall_Scenic_16.jpg (1864w x 1007h)
Firefall_Scenic_17.png (1920w x 1080h)
Firefall_Scenic_18.png (1872w x 1044h)

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