If you aren't familiar with FreddieW's work, you really should be. A special effects ninja, he has made a name for himself by putting out an endless line of spectacular quality YouTube videos, most of which feature video games or extremely awesome gun fights (the man loves his gun fights).

For the past few months he has been working away at a project under the banner of RocketJump Studios, and the first episode of this effort is finally live. Welcome, my friends, to Video Game High School! Check out the trailer after the break. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go fabricate a fake ID that takes 20 years off my age so I can enroll...




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MMmm hawt stuff.

[Mandifesto] @ 7:59:05 PM May 10, 2012
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I had actually forgotten about VGHS.  Glad to know the project is ready for the public.  Plus, who doesn't like Zachary Levi as a gaming professor.

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