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As a life long, die hard geek, there are three things that immediately get my attention - Knights, Dragons, and Mechs. While the era of knights is long gone, and the time of dragons (supposedly) never existed, I still have a future full of mechs to look forward to, and today we have taken another step closer to that future thanks to Suidobashi Heavy Industries and their recently announced Kuratas personal armored vehicle.

Demonstrated by what appears to be an off-hours anime booth babe, the following video (after the jump) shows how easy it is to mount, drive, manipulate, and dismount this rolling behemoth of modern technology. Featuring fully articulated arms, remote access steering, and functional-yet-human-friendly weapon system, this powerhouse is the perfect thing to drive when I feel like piloting something a little more impressive than my Toyota Prius. And which a sticker price of $1.3 million, I dont see why everyone wont have one of these in their garage by the end of year, just to kick around in.

I wonder if I can get enough people to back a Kickstarter to buy this beast if I offer a free 5 minute ride at the $1,000 tier?



[via Joystiq]

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OHHH...MAHHH....GAWD!!!! NEED> WANT > MUST HAVE NAOOO!!!! Also, smile shot?? Da hell!? lol

[Mandifesto] @ 5:23:42 AM Jul 30, 2012
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I'm not sure smiling at people really should equal shooting them.  That doesn't seem quite right.

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