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I bet you thought the growth of this year's eSports stopped at Call of Duty. Well that's not the case this time. Wargaming wants to try their hand in the realm of competitive gaming through their incredibly popular action MMO, World of Tanks. The game is very well-received in the competitive community and even though it already has its moments on the main stage, this will be the first time the game will support professional gaming through the actual company who made it.

The new league is currently scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2013, and will adopt the format of traditional competitive gaming by way of regular regional tourneys and playoffs leading up to a Grand Finals. The competitive season 2013 will offer $2.5 million prize pool.

What interests me most about this move is the game will bridge the gaps between all the WoT communities which were separated by geographical borders and unite them. Perhaps that means tournaments will be global rather than national which always makes for great competition. From my experience, different nations have different strategies and metas -- it's interesting to see what our brothers beyond the big blue do differently.

I'm definitely an eSports enthusiast and every time there's a sign of the industry getting bigger, it gives me warm feelings inside. WoT started at WGC 2012 and grew exponentially afterwards. Sometimes, it only takes one good tournament to get a game going. Pretty soon, eSports will be a widely accepted phenomenon at the rate of its growth but for now, I can enjoy the competitive spirit found in the few select games of competitive gaming.

World of Tanks will open up the Wargaming League in Q1 2013. I can't wait to see this game at this year's upcoming eSports event.



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[Mandifesto] @ 9:58:54 AM Feb 13, 2013
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You know, this sounds weird, but then consider how popular war reinactments are.  This is just a combo of gaming + reinactments, and I can really see this taking off, particularly in Europe. Adding in a tank team Ken?

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Heh if the team sees some great success you bet ill put one together.

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