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There are a couple new screenshots for Wargaming’s next installment in its war-game series, World of Warplanes that give future pilots a good idea of what’s to expect. They now wants to take players to the skies with historically accurate airplanes and realistic aerial combat.

From what I can tell from these screenshots, the game has a whole new level of depth. As you can see, some of the planes are on the ground, and some of them are miles up in the air. This definitely means you start on the ground and lift up into the skies and the whole thing is one big battlefield. Despite how obvious that seems, it affects gameplay in that everyone starts at an even level. If you’re shot down, assuming there are respawns, usage of bomber-based planes might come into effect to try and nail you before you take-off a second time which can be noted in one of the screens with a plane blowing up before take-off.



It’s also very clear World of Warplanes will be as much of a team based game as WoTs is as there is a screenshot with a group of green planes taking down a silver one. It can also be noted that there will be “piece by piece” or health-based damage as one of the planes is missing a large portion of its wings but is still flying in the air. This is most likely to prevent being shot out of the sky almost immediately which will reduce frustration (thank goodness).

No one knows when we’ll get more information or even when we’ll get a glimpse of a release date. One thing is for sure, I’m ready to dogfight my way to victory once this game comes out.

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