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World of Tanks is celebrating its 1-year anniversary and thanks to its fan base, its players, and a lot of media attention; the game has hit 5,000,000 registered users.

The game has made plenty of awards since its launch receiving many individual awards from respected gaming publishers. And on top of that, it even holds a spot in the Guinness World Records by achieving 91,311 users online at one time on one server, dethroning Second Life which hit 88,000 in 2009. Heck, it’s even beating its own record with the number now topping 172,000. How many games do you know beat world records?

I’m not entirely surprised by any of this. The game is very historically accurate, requires a good amount of teamwork and strategy, and has more personal customization than one would expect. There are over 150 tanks players can choose from and so many different customization options that shopping malls are put to shame.

With its great success, WoT developers have the confidence they need to over-expand this game and eventually take over the world! I mean, the game is already entering the competitive gaming world as an esport in ESL and they’re even planning to make World of Warplanes! Now if only they would make World of Starships…

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