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Video game controversy is one of those things you come to expect. It seems like every day, someone somewhere has a stick up their ass in regards to something they don’t like that just happens to be in a video game. Switzerland, however, was one of those areas I didn’t expect such things to occur in.

A group of Swiss police officers, called the Christian Police Association (CPV), have put out a call to try to get the upcoming game, Darkness II, banned from the country. Their reasoning is that the game has a scene where the player can effectively kill off enemies that happen to be men in uniform. This one scene has apparently caused them to think that the entire game revolves around killing police officers, which is just a silly thing to believe.

“When police in England are the target of mobs running amok, it is important that police are not portrayed as the enemy,” explained Felix Ceccato, president of the CPV. He was joined by Thomas Richter of the Swiss Institute for the prevention of Crime, who said “A group of people must not be put in the firing line.”

Fortunately, there are some people in Switzerland that do have common sense, such as the Gamerights association. “Unfortunately it is not new that certain scenes in video games are taken out of context and deliberately portrayed as the total goal of the game,” said group co-founder Thomas Riediker. “Those against deliberately try to misinform, robbing games of their complexity and depth, portraying the most shocking and offensive view. Unfortunately that seems to be only partially effective.”

The game is currently set to be released early 2012, and so far, no other country has made a stink about the content. Hopefully all of this is limited to a small group of overly sensitive jerks and doesn’t get a chance to grow.


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