Blog Post recently announced their partnership with publisher Interactive Gaming Software in order to distribute their premiere, tank-based, free-to-play MMO title, World of Tanks, through retail outlets. A special boxed version of the game will be available for purchase at the non-wallet damaging price of $19.99.

“We’re extremely proud to say that our headliner will finally appear in stores,” CEO Victor Kislyi said in a press release. “We are happy to partner with IGS and hope that their tremendous expertise in distributing retail production will help in bringing the popularity of World of Tanks to a completely new level.”

There’s no word yet about a set release date, nor is there information about what exactly the boxed version will contain, other than the game itself, and maybe a small paper manual. Which begs the question: where’s the incentive when one can easily just download the game for free? Here’s hoping more info regarding this deal comes down the grapevine soon.

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