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Jagex, the people behind the Transformers Universe browser-based MMO title for the west, is keeping themselves busy these days. That didn’t stop them from being nice enough to divulge a bit of info at Gamescom on one of the available classes for play, the Brawler.

“Players who like to engage as the tank in co-op team play will be drawn to this Brawler Class,” said Kris Jones, senior producer for the game. “The strength and resilience of this class makes it the perfect choice for those who like to get up close in a battle environment, for those who like a good brawl.”

Judging from the images they’ve put out, they weren’t joking. As you can see in the screenshots below, the Brawler is a humongous, bulky class, which should allow them to take a good beating, and still come back for more. Chances are, they may be fairly sluggish as well, and slow-moving characters and myself don’t necessarily mix well. That and I don’t particularly care for tanking duties.



Jagex is also showing off the customization mode that will be available for players when the full game launches in 2012, right at their booth. So, if you happen to be at Gamescom, make sure to stop on by to make your own Autobot or Decepticon. You can even get a printout of your creation to show to your friends and families, provided they are open minded and won't make fun of your hobby choice.

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