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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be transforming itself into “Witcher 2.0” this coming Fall.

As patches generally are, the entire 2.0 update will be free, and filled with a nice collection of additional goodness. One large feature is the input of a tutorial system. Now, the Witcher 2 isn’t a simple game, and my first run through of it saw myself die countless times – on easy. There is definitely a lot to the battle system, and it’s a nice little addition for those who are thinking of getting the game, but are prone to rage quitting (, although I wish they would have implemented tutorials at the start).

For those experienced in the way of monster slaying, there is a new “Dark Mode” as well, which appears to be the hardest difficulty with a reliable auto-save (so many rage quits...). A nice little change, however, will be a brand spanking new “Arena Mode”, where you can just fight lots of monsters, because we all know tackling huge numbers of foes in the Witcher 2 is a freaking blast.

And for the RPG hard-out, the skill trees will be offering more techniques for you to level up in. So really, this new update does deserve to be called “2.0”.

Don’t have a gaming PC? Don’t worry, because all these features will be coming to the Xbox version, coming very, very soon – and by soon, I mean the beginning of next year.

[via joystiq]

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