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The popular action MMO, World of Tanks, has confirmed that they will have a retail copy available in stores on August 31st. I do always prefer having the hardcopy of the game, so that’s pretty neat.

But the thing is, WoT has been a free-to-play and download title since its launch last April but the hard copy will run the player $19.99. So the question is what is in it for you? Roughly $30 worth of in-game items that’s what. You’ll receive a premium account which nets you +50% EXP and credits, some game credits, gold, and an upgraded tank. That’s not a bad deal, since you do save $10 in this transaction and it will really help the newbie player progress a little bit faster than the average crowd.

Of course all of that is optional and the game is still totally free as a digital copy. But after doing a little bit of research in the main forums, WoT seems to be p2p (pay to progress) game. Of course, the free hard worker option is always available in exchange for more time playing, but doing so is up to you.


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